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Who we are

Experienced consultants-practitioners as well as present or former executives and shareholders, who have teamed up to develop a solution specifically tailored for your business to create real value – to maximize profit.


Our team members and legionnaires who can get together in a team for the victories of your business:

The Team Leader, Dr. Tomas Karpavičius, an experienced business practitioner with long-standing expertise in finance, telecommunications, construction, and production, in Lithuanian and international companies. The list of his victories includes many successful consulting projects which have contributed to an exponential increase in the business value of the clients.

The Team Coach Andy Watt, a TOC (Theory of constraints) methodology professional, who has applied it to fine-tune the game strategies of “Bentley”, “McLaren”, “Masterfoods”, “Siemens”, and other famous and successful teams. More about Andy:

The rest of our team is formed of experienced legionnaires according to what is most needed to increase the value of your business.

Long-term work experience
Experienced and reliable team
Focus on project results

How we work

We are well versed in many theories: we have been successful in organizational transformation tournaments wearing “Lean” T-shirts, celebrated our victories by scoring TOC goals, checkmated our opponents with “Six Sigma”, defeated our rivals spurting with “Agile”, etc.


What we do

When we come to consult, we come inside the organization, because we believe that it is not possible to really play for your team staying on the side-lines.


Our achievements

The growth of a company’s value and profits is the main result of the solutions that we develop. This is the value created for our clients.

Managers of the companies we have reached our victories with can share their experience of working with our team and the results we achieved together. But before this, let us contact and discuss the confidentiality issues.

“Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation”

Max Euwe (chess grandmaster, world champion)

Where to start

We want to know more about your business, and you will probably have questions to ask as well.

Let us contact and talk.


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